Perils of a benevolent bride…

The word “bride” is overrated, at least in India. The adjectives usually associated with a bride is “glowing”, “beautiful”, “happy” but what about LOST, STRESSED, INSECURE & UNSURE?

All this while, when a presentable, independent and brave woman was living her life on her terms the only steaming hot issue was to find a groom. Everything she was doing and most important her wholesomeness….was just vague and void because she is unmarried (not single). She for once decides to submit herself to the usual protocols of the society and to her shock she lands up in the world of annihilation and despair.

Initially she is the darling daughter and sister of the family for whom they are scrutinising the prospects and she simulatneously is cajoled to like one of them. Suddenly struck by cupid (unaware) she decides on one and things roll off mutually.

To her dismayal, lot of rituals and nodding of head happens but she consoles herself. Eventually the rivulets of controversies and egotistic reacti0ns turn into tectonic movements amongst the relatives and she finds herself in the middle of all this.

On one side is her mother uptight and apprehensive about what the groom’s family is anticipating for the marriage and juxtaposed to that the bride’s sister-in-law compares every event to what took place when she was on the throne of thorns.

The bride and groom amidst all this try to see the future they have in store and trying to figure out their modus operandi but there’s more things to do. Since they are under cupid’s potion and want to be this awestruck forever, it’s there onus to make things happen. Irrespective of the bride’s ego and liking she absorbs her to be in laws objectionable comments. She even swallows down body shaming with a smile. Well, it’s no less for the groom because he cannot voice his opinion about this event.

Clenched between the mother’s apprehension, brother and sister-in-law’s ego, mother-in-laws unintentional vindiction and loss of identity she stands tall, even when the skyfall. She started the fiasco in the name of family and now she finds herself staring wide eyed at people on the other side. Dawned in the red saree covered with glitzy jewels she feels a thumping beneathe her breast and dryness in her mouth beacuse it did not extend her family rather made her realise it is all a hoax of relationships and today unknown to herself she is the clown of this act.389164_1281385402_large