5 times when Men said “Are you serious??” #AYS moments

How much ever men think they ‘know it All’, but women have their innate capability to astonish them and at times leave them aghast. I came across the following #AYS (Are You Serious) moments, which are quite mundane to the #WoMen but they said-” #WeMen cant believe”

1.Yes, we straighten hair with Dry Iron

That saves time and we escape the constant nagging- “HURRY UP”


2. We travel like there can be a Red Alert any moment. 

We might not need them at all, but ‘what if’? So, better safe than late.


3. We never have enough clothes.

Our cupboards can’t contain our mood-swings nor can our heart. Hence, we shop till we drop.


4.Its never enough, even with just a pair of these.

We love cosmetics and although we just have a pair of eyes and lips our wardrobes keep welcoming new ones.


5. “I am” all I need. But I want you.

We appreciate your presence and support but let us be the woman we aspire to be. Its not to demean you but to liberate ourselves.