The Death-Story

There is darkness, just sheer darkness engulfing my soul.

I blink my eyes,rub them.

“Take a deep breath, it’s all right there…” says Me

I have this syncing feeling and a lump in my throat,

I cannot see.


It’s void and vague.

There is nothing in there and neither beyond

It’s just me and my chimera.

I realized the futility of my existence

And the monstrosity of my reality .


I learn’t as a child to not give up but redo.

I kept scrutinizing for my fallacy

Again and again.

My life was all red and blue

Innumerable mistakes brought me unbearable distress.


It’s time to redo yourself.

It’s time to accept that your life is an irreversible snafu

The chaos and commotion surpassed my heart’s comfortable decibel

It’s time.

Undo your hopes, desires, dreams and life.


Just before you go, look back but do not long for it.

Breathe for once more like the prodigal child of His

Be thankful, feel sorry and promise to be better

Remind yourself of those unimpeded days and nights

And thus plunge into the depth from where no one returns.








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