You Beside Me….

There’s a sudden thump in my heart

I breathe in heavily and let it out all precarious.

Unsure, puzzled, apprehensive, contemplating

It’s like a sudden sandstorm in the meadows.

Am I on the wrong bay?


A subtle tinge on my wrist…

“I am holding you, don’t hold yourself back”.

I can’t see who it is, but I know the voice

A relief, I am no more unchaperoned.

The splinters are like sand glitters

The sandstorm does no more perturb me.


I clench my teeth; close my eyes, gripping the ground tighter.

His  on my hands do not slacken a bit

My faith on our camaraderie strengthen all the more.

A linchpin of this lifelong enterprise; a cornerstone of my existence

By each other, we stand tall, even if the sky fall.


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