Paint me New


A sudden turn, an unexpected mizzle, an usual buzz of the phone.

The same chatter around me, and another verse of Gibran in my mind.


“See you soon, when the sun is down, the earth soothed and breathing the balmy air”.

A brief smile and a twinkle in my eyes and those untamed heartbeats.


It’s him.


He is like the gushing river through the meadows

You don’t dare to mess with it but just let it wrap you in

He is like the sudden splash of poignant colors on a stagnant and bland canvas

He is the sudden silence that startles you with it’s whispers

He is that softness on your lips that dictates the lows and highs of your breath

He harmonises you with his color and you blend in

He enfolded me in his aroma and I glided in.


I am not stained to camouflage

I am Him-tinted, to my soul

His madness and my startled state and our voyage en route



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