Mettre en Marche….

I am not adept in the art of writing, but I believe I have the flare to express what I feel deep inside.

My folks say I am a storyteller. When I speak or narrate my eyes and expression dramatise it all the more. But not always people have time to hear me, yet I have a lot to say.

So, why not write?

It’s not about who read it, liked it or appreciated me but that I said it or rather wrote it. So I found a new way to “shoot the breeze”.

I am no veteran blogger but a casual woman with a freedom of speech and expression standing tall with a mind of her own.

I don’t want to categorise my write ups because human mind is free. It can think, imagine and want a lot of things, each totally different from the other spontaneously and simultaneously. Hence I and my blog are totally free of bondations. I look forward to carve my vision into words and reach people.

My carve is my space of freedom, a breather and a place for expressing myself. Hereby I vouch to be honest and unbiased, whenever I lend my words to an incident whether or not related to me. It will not have fiction but reality (may be with fictitious names).


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