Feast: Our lives no less than a celebration


Colors, lights, cackle of people around you, a constant sound buzzing in your ears that keeps you alive and tries to deviate you from your focus….yet gives a reason for you to live.

Everyday is like a congregation of people trying to make the best of their lives. Some crib and curse through their lives waiting for a miracle. Some keep raising their bars and keep fighting their battles to reach the peak and some live like it’s a celebration.

One should not stifle the life out of himself in pursuit of “so called” happiness. Live and lead your life sumptuously.

Being responsible and focussed is important but not at the cost of your spontaneity. If procrastination of work is not appreciated then why do we have to wait to enjoy our lives?

Life is no less than a carnival which displays in front of you the best things from every corner of the universe. Although not every platter is suited for, the buffet is open, choose your dish and dig in like never before.



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